Her Journey to School

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Our Mission

Her Journey to School’s mission is to promote gender equality through education. We work with communities to help girls stay in school, understand their rights, and change the status quo.

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Our Programs

At Her Journey to School, our programs provide:        

  • Mentoring and coaching girls to guide them build their self-esteem, self-worth, and know their rights.

  • Health education to prevent early pregnancy.

  • Meetings to help communities understand the value of educating girls and providing them with the tools they need to stay in school.


Mentoring the Leaders of Tomorrow

We fight gender inequality through education by providing girls with necessary skills they need to become leaders and make the right decisions, reach their potential, and change their communities. 

Pad a Girl Campaign

Through the Pad a Girl Campaign, we help girls understand and appreciate their menstrual cycle and help them build the joy of being a woman. 

Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Education

Poor access to sexual reproductive health and rights for girls and women has been associated with vulnerability to sexual health risks. This is one of the primary obstacles that hinders the successful accomplishment of a girls’ journey to school. 

Community Awareness Campaigns

We hold meetings to help communities understand why educating girls is important and that they should provide them with the necessary tools and materials they need to stay in school.


Meet Ellie

Learn more about Ellie and how her journey inspired her to start this organization to give back to her community.

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Get Involved

Together we can create a path to school for deserving girls and make a better future for their families.


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Thank you for your generosity and for your contribution to gender equality through education.

Volunteer opportunities

Join us as we teach communities about the societal importance of educating girls and women.

Become a partner

Her Journey to School welcomes partners in the fight for gender equality and the empowerment of girls and women.