Our Programs

Mentoring the Leaders of Tomorrow

We fight gender inequality through education by providing girls with necessary skills they need to become leaders and make the right decisions, reach their potential, and change their communities.  We are currently working with one Partner School in Nkoarisambu in Tanzania and plan to expand to more locations to impact more girls.

There is power in sharing our own stories and we use a “Share Your Journey” approach.We meet with girls every week as an extracurricular activity.We use a storytelling method by partnering with university students who are passionate about girls’ education.They come to our sessions and also document their stories to share the struggles they have had to come so that our girls are inspired and work hard to reach their full potential


Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Education

Poor access to sexual reproductive health and rights for girls and women has been associated with vulnerability to sexual health risks.  These include early pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.  This is one of the primary obstacles that hinders the successful accomplishment of a girls’ journey to school.  In Tanzania, when a school girl becomes pregnant, her right to an education is cut short and her dreams are dashed. These obstacles hinder the successful accomplishment of girls’ journey to school.   We help girls understand anatomy and become assertive to turn away unwanted advances.   Girls with confidence are less likely to be preyed upon.


Pad a Girl Campaign

Through the Pad a Girl Campaign, we help girls understand and appreciate their menstrual cycle and help them build the joy of being a woman.  Many of them are needlessly worried or scared by this natural process and experience pain and shame.  Families (mothers, grandmothers, aunts and older sisters) still influence the management of menstrual flows.  They use traditional methods (rags instead of pads) because they have never used pads themselves and because pads are expensive.  Girls are unfamiliar with the more hygienic solution of pads and how often to change them.  We bring in an actual gynecologist to meet with the girls so that they better understand menstruation and menstrual hygiene.  


Community Awareness Campaigns

Parent and guardian engagement and involvement is critical girls staying in school.  We hold meetings to help communities understand why educating girls is important and that they should provide them with the necessary tools and materials they need to stay in school.